Kay's Adventure Series
Kay's Adventure Series 

       Kay’s Adventure Series is a fictional children’s sequence of diverse literature. It features a fun loving, young girl named Kay whose curly hair and freckles sets her apart from others.  Kay has a love for balloons, great curiosity and an active imagination that causes her to become part of a multitude of adventures. Readers find themselves entranced with Kay’s adventurous spirit and her abiliy to use abstract thinking to formulate ideas and find resolutions to problems.                                                                                              This series is a great gift for young readers. Not only does it provide a great story, but it coveys a message to its readers about the importance of positive self-talk, resilience, courage, and determination. Children can relate to the challenges that Kay encounters and are encouraged to be resourceful in finding solutions. Kay’s Adventure Series provides meaningful reading material that benefits children and adults.The series is filled with all the things kids love such as colorful images, rhyming cadences, and fun stories that they can relate to, while giving the parents what they love through creative learning, problem solving, self awareness, and an increase in communication and language.                                                       

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