Kay's Adventure Series
Kay's Adventure Series 

What our customers say about Kay's Great Balloon Race


"B. M. Spiteri has wisely given Kay a sense of adventure and a keen ability to apply herself and persevere—these are excellent traits and they add gusto to the story, making it an entertaining children’s book. Spiteri is a smart writer who carefully sets up the story with props that Kay is able to use to showcase her character traits and resourcefulness. Combined with colorful illustrations that pop from the pages, the rhyming text creates an upbeat cadence that pushes the story along to the rewarding finish line. Children will enjoy the daring feats in this exciting tale. Readers that find themselves entranced by Kay’s pizazz will be happy to follow along with her in upcoming adventures: Kay’s Bedtime Adventure and Kay’s Adventure in the City."



The Children’s Book Review


My daughter and I enjoyed reading about Kay's adventure. It's a fun story about a little girl's love for balloons that end up taking her on an adventure. Along the way, Kay was faced with difficulties that helped her pull from her inner strength to over come the challenges. I really liked this story because it empowers young girls, letting them know that it's alright to be afraid but you can use what you have inside of you to overcome. Can't wait to see what Kay will do next.


-Patrice M.

My niece (4yrs old) and I really enjoyed this book!!! This is a beautifully illustrated book with clarity in both the illustration and words.The story is short and simple enough for kids to understand .It's poetic, adventurous, imaginative and fun. I highly recommend this book and can't wait to see whats in store in Kays next adventure!!!



I love this book. The book story is great and pictures are all awesome. I was so excited when I read this book, and my baby was really excited as well when I read it to her. I love the part that Kay found her strengths and over come her problems. I highly recommend this book to younger children.


-Marcus Song

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